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Download Free phpVibe v4.0 – Premium Professional Video and Media CMS


PHPVibe Overview

Current: v4 (04/2015)

PHPVibe Video CMS

  • Modern administration

    Our video cms comes with a full featured administration panel, top of the class and ready to configure most aspects of your website, restrict user sharing as per your request, select player for every video sharing type, edit channels, users, languages, videos, crons…

  • Pages and Articles

    The video cms comes bundled with an articles and pages modules. Pages are useful for displaying important details and informations about your website.
    While articles are your own blog inside the video website, you can use it for SEO purposes or to offer fresh text information to your visitors and users.

  • Developer friendly

    Easy to understand custom platform, 99.999% open source code with only one admin file encrypted with ioncube which doesn’t restrict in any way functional code changes in front-end or admin panel. Licensing system is simple: per main domain license key (ex: domain.com) with multiple installs per same domain/key.

  • Youtube Crawler

    Youtube importer based on Youtube’s PHP API. Need to build up fast video content? Then our YouTube Crawler is the solution for you. Built in and free it also comes with an cron (automated task).
    Set what videos the crawler should search for, save the filter, and the rest will be done by the importer.
    You can easily set owner and channels to the new videos!

  • 5 in 1 Media solution with accent on videos

    PHPVibe comes with 5 modes for media sharing: video embed, web-playable video upload, video upload & conversion to web-playable formats, mp3 music upload, images upload. All modes can be restricted to selected users or administrator(s).

  • Videos are the best thing

    On average visitors stay 2 minutes longer when watching a video. Marketers believe by the end of 2017 video will be close to 90% of all intern traffic, it’s believable when Youtube already records 1 billion unique users every month.
    PHPVibe’s accent is set on video sharing for corporations and webmasters.

  • Easy video uploads

    Your users will be able to upload videos fast, edit them once ready and share them to different social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
    For non-web-playable video formats like .avi, .mpeg PHPVibe offers ffmpeg conversion support to .mp4 videos which are playable on all devices (desktop, tablets and mobile phones).



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