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iBlog 2.7.3 — The Smart Choice for Blogging


iBlog brings a simple and straightforward way to blog in OpenCart. It features, SEO URLs, so search engines find about your business easier and an intuitive way to interact with the module to do just about anything you would want. Please read just a few of the benefits of adding a blog to your website.

— A blog drives traffic organically to your website
— Increases your SEO and SERP, which is important for search engines
— Gives flair to your brand that has something important to share with their users
— Enables a two way communication with clients interested in specific products/topics

✯ NEW: Clickable tags
✯ NEW: Blogpost sort order
✯ NEW: Disable/Enable Author’s name
✯ NEW: Blog Categories, Multiple categories per post, OpenGraph, RSS channels
✯ NEW: Clickable Tags
✯ Full multi-lingual SEO Support for links & meta tags.
✯ Search in the blog posts.
✯ Visible in the default OpenCart sitemap for Google and in the Information page.
✯ Rich snippets in the post view for better search engine indexing.
✯ Multi-lingual fields for Page Title, Meta Description & Meta Keywords.
✯ Meta keywords are now showing as tags in the post view.
✯ Option to show/hide the featured blogs from the module widget.
✯ Limit blogposts displayed in a widget
✯ Simple WordPress inspired layout with all blogposts featuring:
— ID, Title, Excerpt, Author, Date Created, Status, Quick Buttons for edit or delete
✯ SEO Urls so Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines can rank you better
✯ Disqus Integration
✯ Display all blogs in a single page
✯ Customizable page Name

iBlog for OpenCart 2 comes with extensive documentation with images, installation instructions, features explanations and examples.

Download Documentation

Store Front DEMO
Admin Panel DEMO

You can find more information about module Licensing, Compatibility with MijoShop/AceShop and FAQ in theDocumentation Tab

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